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Things That You Must Do As The Big Day Get Closer

Before the moving day…


  • Pack your personal necessities

A set of sheets, blanket for each bed, cloth or towel for each family member, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other things are needed the next morning immediately after the moving day. Also pack a change of clothes for each member, two if you have small children or babies, diapers, and one pajamas for each person.

  • Go and clean your new house

You need to clean windows, walls, bathrooms, and toilets.This will be the only time you can reach and check all the corners easily. Since you’re there, make sure all lights work, and hot water is connected and running. Before the moving day, try consuming all the food you have frozen or refrigerated so that these are not going to mess with the move. Remember that the fridge should be left empty for 24 hours without turning it on after having moved so that the cooling system has time to stabilize and work properly.

  • Wash all your clothes

Coordinate with someone who can come and clean your old house after you’ve moved. After you move, you should focus on planning your new home, so it’s best to leave the work of your former home to someone else.


  • Manage the cable, internet, and telephone subscriptions

Visit the cable, internet and telephone company to settle your subscriptions or you can call them to suspend your subscription temporarily and have them change your home address to your new address.

The very day of moving…

Prepare snacks such as fruit like bananas or peaches and easy to eat like cans of tuna, square bread, cereal, and those things that will fill your hungry stomachs quickly and do not need to be refrigerated.

Make sure you have easy access to your products and cleaning equipment. Even if you cleaned the house before moving, dirt will still come around.

  • When unpacking the moving truckā€¦

Most moving companies offer quality and affordable moving services. T&E Movers – Ponte Vedra moving company is one of the moving companies who has professional movers that will make your moving day less stressful. You can communicate with them about your detailed plan and the unpacking task. Together with a professional mover, you can prioritize to unpack the things that you need to put in your bedroom. Do not put things up as you unload the truck. At the end of the day everyone will be tired, and what you want to do is to remove all piles of bags and boxes then sleep.


The next day…

Get up early so you take advantage of the day. Bathe, wear comfortable clothes and eat a simple but nutritious breakfast that will keep you full for several hours.
Start to set up with the room that is being used the most. It may be the kitchen, or if you work from home, maybe the office is the room you need to install first. Mainly, do not try to unpack everything in one day.

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